True fans of originality, our belief is that everybody should surround themselves only with beautiful things that bring joy and happiness. We always find beauty in things that are odd and imperfect – they are much more interesting. 


Marvin Dalander

Oil Painter
I am Marvin Dalander Owner. I have been painting in oils since 1952. My passions is in the rendering of human forms and in the depiction of landscapes, both urban and rural.

Lisa Dalander

Oil Painter / Photographer / Digital Artist
I am Lisa Dalander Co-Owner. I have been drawing and creating oil painting­­s since the early 70s. Photography since mid 80s. My passion is in capturing a view most don't see until presented to them. Capturing moments in time, either of nature, celebrations, events or historical recordings, is what I seeks to capture with every image I create.


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